Life Bible School

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  • The Life Christian Church founded Life Bible School in 1999. School was based on the principles of discipleship and ministry according to Jesus’ words :Go therefore and make disciples,…” Matthew 28:19. Since that time, our goal is still the same – spiritual growth of believers to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, and to prepare them for church ministry. 
  • Starting in 2009 we’re using courses from GlobalReach program. This program has evangelism, discipleship, and training resources in multiple languages. These courses provide sound teaching in the Word of God and are the basis for biblical training in many countries around the world. Some of these explore questions about life, existence and what happens after death while others  deal with issues such as marriage, home, ethics, and community. Entire program is designed for 3 years of study, and includes 18 courses.
  • In 2014 Life Bible School was registered at Global University and became the Study Group for Evangelism and Discipleship. This is giving us an opportunity to transfer credits to Northwest University or to continue the studies at Global University for bachelors degree.
  • In order to reach our goal we invite Ukrainian and English speaking teachers and ministers form around our country.
    – Our students come to school to be rooted in God’s Word and trained for fruitful spiritual life.
    – If you are looking for some answers in your life, and want to be strong believer and faithful servant, come and join our group.
    When: Every Monday 6:30-9:30 pm, starting September (the start day will be announced at church services).
    Where: Life Christian Church
    5315 29th St. NE
    Tacoma, WA 98422
     Life Bible School – Providing Systematic Training for Every Believer!!!